How to Take Care of Your E-Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes are convenient and cost-effective – if maintained for long. So here are good and practical tips to maintain the function of your precious electronic gadget.

1. Always Read the Manual

With emerging brands and different ways to clean up and sustain, the most important thing to do is to read the manual for proper usage and care. Some manuals limit cleaning materials to only water while some do have other suggestions like soaking the atomizer in a soda.



2. Learn how the battery is charged

There is an initial time of charging which will probably take about 8 hours.  After that, charging time is from 2-3 hours, depending on the brand. Be extra careful not to overcharge the batteries as it may shorten the life span of your e-cigarette. Some brands have a light indicator that is very useful to show if a battery is fully charged.

3. Make sure not to leak contents

The first thing to remember is to not overfill your cartridge as it may cause possible leak and damage your atomizer. Generally, an atomizer’s life span will take about 3 months and will be lesser if it is not properly taken care of. To also make sure that no leak is found from the cartridge, make sure not to over constrict the atomizer and the battery by tightening too well.

4. In case leak happens, drain liquid out.

To do this, put the electronic cigarette in an upside down mode until the liquid is all drained out. After which, wipe it out with Q-tips reaching making sure that all parts that have been dampened are cleaned.

5. Do not constrict your e-cigars.

It is highly advisable not to place it into a tight pocket, purse or anything that may cause damages to any part of the cigar. Also avoid dropping them so as not to leak contents or break the inside parts. To keep it for long, make sure to keep it in a protective case. Some products offer a protective case to keep your cigarettes from physical damage.

6. Keeping atomizer functioning

To make sure that your e-cigarettes are functioning well, it has to have a performing atomizer. To keep it working, make sure that it is moist by putting on new cartridge and battery. You also can drop 2 of the e-liquid to keep it moist.

7. Do not damage the atomizer

Atomizer is very important to keep your electronic cigarette from malfunctioning. Do not attempt to put any chemicals or other flavors into the cartridge unless you are sure that it is safe.

8. E-cigars have life expectancy

All matters have ending, and this includes these wonder electronic gadget. Each part do require replacements over time like the cartridges, atomizer, battery and even the inhalers. Make sure that all parts come from the same manufacturer in order to avoid inconvenience later on.

There are more pointers to know how to take care of your e-cigars, but the most important thing to do is to contact your manufacturer and ask more on how to keep your cigar for long. Happy puffing!

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